Dr. Le-Nguyen, DVM, SAS

Compassionate & Gold Standard of Care

Dr. Le-Nguyen graduated from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. He completed an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at UC Davis. Being a general practitioner at local veterinary hospitals, over the years, Dr. Le-Nguyen acquired a special interest in dentistry.

Upon seeing pets not being able to get the surgeries they need due to pet owner financial constraints, Dr. Le-Nguyen sets out to receive advanced continued education and surgery training. He participates and collaborates with other surgeons and colleagues to hone in on these surgical skills–using the most up to date techniques and standards.

Today, Dr. Le-Nguyen is a veterinarian who is able to provide his surgery services not only in Sacramento, but in surrounding cities. He is able to offer these surgeries to pet owners and local shelters who would otherwise be unable to afford these surprise emergency and complex surgery costs. Pets are getting the treatments they need to live healthier lives and shelter pets are given a second chance to find a new home.